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How To Automatically Add Images To Blog Posts Using AI

Are you a content creator or editor who spends a lot of time adding images to blog posts? This app will streamline and automate the process. Simply upload images to
Content Automation Workflow in progress

How To Build A High Quality AI Content Workflow With EEAT

This app demonstrates a content automation workflow, which turns a target keyword and three example URLS into engaging journalistic-style content by chaining several smaller apps together. Simply feed it information
EEAT Output of the app

Gemini Pro EEAT Content Writer App

This app uses Google’s Gemini Pro chat model to create EEAT-rich content, which is great for SEO. I still recommend editing and revising AI-generated content before publishing, but a tool
claude 3 opus

Claude 3 Opus Vs GPT 4 – Comparison App

This app lets you compare the output of Claude 3 Opus against GPT 4. You enter one prompt, both models run, and you get an output for each model. Use
Moonlit Thruuu Writer App

Thruuu Content Writer App

Thruuu is an awesome SEO tool that can create in-depth content briefs based on SERP data. This app takes a Thruuu content brief document and writes the first draft. It
AI Content writer

Simple AI-Powered SEO Content Writer

This app turns content briefs into written content. It reviews the content outline, writes the content, and then reviews and edits itself! It also incorporates brand guidelines and tone settings.
Answer Targets Study

AI-Powered EEAT Featured Snippet Generator

Featured snippets can have a big impact on organic search traffic. That’s why it’s important to get them and keep them.   Today I’ll show you how to use my
Perspectives generator

Unique Content Angles And Perspectives With GPT For Sheets

Google is releasing new generative search experiences and Perspective features to search. With these updates, It’s going to be more important than ever to ensure your content covers unique angles.
SGE formatter

Turn Google SGE Results Into Content Outlines

Aug 16, 2023 update: Google brought the expand button back! They tested removing the expand button in favor of in-content links. Then they brought it back. So this content outline
89% Human lol

Long-Form Content Generation With Python And ChatGPT

This week I tested out an awesome Python script created by Kristin Tynski that uses ChatGPT to create long-form content. The script creates articles in the 3,000-4,000 word range. It