Google is releasing new generative search experiences and Perspective features to search.

With these updates, It’s going to be more important than ever to ensure your content covers unique angles.

When your content has a unique perspective vs what’s already out there, Google’s algorithms work in your favor. When you create the same content as everyone else, the opposite is true.


This is why Google has patents for information gain and releases helpful content updates. Google knows that with the increased use of AI tools, there is going to be more content covering the same topics than ever before.


The problem:

It’s hard to come up with unique angles and perspectives on a topic, especially when you don’t know everything about the topic you are covering.

If you have a knowledge gap about a topic, you will also have a research gap.

Thankfully, finding unique content angles and topic ideas is getting much easier with the help of AI tools.


Solution: GPT for Google Sheets

GPT for sheets

The GPT for Google Sheets add-on allows you to run GPT commands within Google Sheets.

This allows you to perform larger-scale tasks, like generating an entire table of unique content topic ideas that cover different angles.

You just need an OpenAI API key. It only costs a few cents to generate thousands of topic ideas.


My Perspectives Generator

I made a Perspectives Generator Google Sheet that allows you to enter your parent keyword and generate a list of 50 content angles. The 50 angles can then be sliced into different content types like how-to articles or listicles.

Perspectives generator

This makes coming up with topic ideas much faster and shows you ways you can target the same keyword with different angles and subtopics.


Example: Lead Scoring

Let’s say you want to generate content ideas around lead scoring.

I enter the target keyword into my sheet and my Perspective Generator then creates 50 unique content angles.

lead scoring example

I then use the formula columns to generate different types of content.

In my example, my content types are list posts, how-to articles, comparison posts, and research posts.


Setting it up:

In order to use this, you will need an OpenAI API key. You need an account with added billing details to run API calls.

  1. Then create an API key in open AI for GPT for sheets by clicking Create a new secret key.
  2. Then make a copy of my Perspectives Generator sheet.
  3. You then need to install the GPT for the Sheets extension. Once installed, open it in the Extensions menu and add your API key.Set API Key
  4. Once you have done that, simply enter a target keyword to generate ideas.


Modify the content types and formulas

You can change the content types and the formulas will adjust to fit. You will also need to adjust some of the prompt text within the formals as they have additional instructions to enforce the content type.



Tips for use:

It has some quirks. Don’t copy the formulas to every cell all at once. This tends to break it.

Instead, find a content angle you like, and copy/paste the formula columns to generate content types one at a time.

jump around

It also works better if you jump around when pasting the formulas in. Going from top-down tends to cause duplicates.


Overall results:

This provides a plethora of great content ideas effortlessly. While some of the topics are repeated, the unique ideas are far more plentiful.

You can then use the content ideas generated to research their SERPs to see what kind of results already show for that query.



You could also look at competitive metrics with your favorite SEO tool to get info on the search volume, competition score, etc.


This will help you find content ideas within your range.


Give it a try!

Here is the Perspectives Generator sheet (make a copy and enter your own OpenAI API key).

Let me know what your thoughts are on LinkedIn.



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