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On-Page SEO
Screenshot of the Quality Review Checker Recommendation App

AI Google Quality Reviews Checker App

Affiliate sites have been hit the hardest by 2023’s Google Algorithm updates. From what I’ve seen in the field, many sites that have lost rankings and clicks can be traced

AI Powered SEO Content Brief Generator

This app creates an SEO content outline based on three top-ranking pages. It provides recommended headings, keywords, topics, and much more.   Give it a try here:👉 SEO Competitor Content
Matt Diggity's EEAT Giga Prompt

Matt Diggity’s Giga EEAT Comparison Prompt: App Version

Last week I shared an app that recommends content improvements based on the Google Quality Rater Guidelines. I had several people reach out to me and suggest I look at
Moonlit Quality Rater App Output

AI Quality Rater & Helpful Content Guideline Checker App

This app scans a URL, references Google’s Helpful Content and Quality Rater’s guidelines, and provides recommendations. If your page does not meet the guidelines, it provides specific and actionable guidance.
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How GPT Can Help You Add First-Hand Experience To Your Pages

The August 2023 core update completed rolling out. SEOs are noticing that pages or sites that cater to Google’s new Experience factor in EEAT seem to be doing well.  
high performing YouTube videos

Boost On-Page SEO With YouTube & ChatGPT

Here’s how you can use AI to boost your page’s SEO by extracting helpful content from high-performing YouTube videos. YouTube is full of information, but it’s a pain to sift
Information Gain Important Animalz

Extract Information Gain from PDFs and Boost Your SEO

Information Gain. A phenomenon researched extensively by the late and great Bill Slawski. In this guide, we will explore the importance of information gain, as well as AI powered tactics
Heading Extractinator Web App

Outrank With AI Powered Competitive Heading Extraction

Today I’ll show you how to use AI to identify the best headings and page structure to use when creating new pages or optimizing existing ones. Identifying headings and structures
GPT output

AI Title & Meta Description SERP Analyzer

Here’s an easy way to scan a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and use AI to generate optimized title tags and meta descriptions. It’s a manual low-tech method that anyone
perplexity ai

Boost Your EEAT: 9 Perplexity AI Prompts

You’ve probably heard a lot about EEAT. It stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. This acronym is Google’s way of measuring content quality to determine SEO rankings. Providing EEAT signals