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SEO Roadmaps
Gloomap example

How to plan an improved website header and footer navigation

The header and footer of a website are the most crucial aspects of website navigation. Users need a straightforward way to explore your site and find what they are looking
Keyword Cluster Value

Prioritize Keyword Clusters With Cluster Value

Modern keyword research methods usually include some kind of clustering or grouping. Which is essentially categorizing keywords into semantically related groups. The problem with clustering is that it’s often difficult
SEO Goals & KPIs

Planning Goals & KPIs for SEO That Drive Growth

How do your SEO efforts align with the overall business strategy? If your SEO isn’t focused on specific outcomes, you might end up investing your time and effort into the

Why Notion Is The Best Tool For SEO

If you’re familiar with the idea of an SEO roadmap, you’re probably picturing some kind of spreadsheet. These days we have access to much better tools for planning and organizing
SEO Score Board

Prioritize SEO Tasks With an SEO Score

If you’re working on your SEO strategy, perhaps in the middle of an SEO audit, you’re going to need to prioritize everything based on your goals and strategy. SEO audits
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How To Create A Seed Keyword List For Better SEO

In SEO, seed keywords are the starting point of keyword research. And keyword research is the start of pretty much everything else. Creating a seed list is often the very
Website Architecture structural linking

Use Structural Internal Linking To Boost User Experience & Rankings

Structural internal links are found within recurring components of the content templates of a website. Think blog post loops, sidebars, and breadcrumbs. These elements can improve internal linking throughout a