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Keyword Research
SERP Similarity Output

AI-Powered SERP Similarity Checker

I built a SERP similarity analyzer and checker that shows you how similar or different the search results are for two separate queries. It uses Moonlit’s new features, LLaMa-2, and
4,000 topic ideas ChatGPT

How to Find Topics You Can Actually Rank For Quickly

Keyword research tools have historically helped with both ideation (finding keywords) and validation (reasoning to target them). The problem today is that because keyword research tools are now mainstream, so
User Stories

Scalable Low Competition Topic Ideas With AI

Here’s a quick and easy way to plan 288+ clustered content topics relevant to your audience with AI. I’ll also show you how to find low-competition topics you can rank
Keyword Cluster Value

Prioritize Keyword Clusters With Cluster Value

Modern keyword research methods usually include some kind of clustering or grouping. Which is essentially categorizing keywords into semantically related groups. The problem with clustering is that it’s often difficult
Reddit Google Search

How To Create A Seed Keyword List For Better SEO

In SEO, seed keywords are the starting point of keyword research. And keyword research is the start of pretty much everything else. Creating a seed list is often the very
page 2 meme

Google’s #1 Ranking Factor And How To Leverage It

What’s the #1 ranking factor? It’s not links. It’s not “quality content”. So what is it? It’s relevance to the query. It’s by far the #1 ranking factor. It always
PAA sheet

How to turn one keyword into hundreds of blog topics

Are you using keyword research tools to come up with ideas for blog posts? This is one of the worst ways to find content topics these days. All those topics