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Technical SEO

Steve Toth’s Ultimate Title Tags & Meta Descriptions Automated

This app generates unique optimized title tags and meta description variations for a keyword Created by Steve Toth, I turned his ChatGPT guide into an app! It does the same
schema validator

One Click Schema Markup Generator

Schema markup is mentioned frequently by SEO professionals. Adding this magical code to your website helps Google and other search engines better understand what your web pages are about. Which
kw cannibalization analysis - pivot table

Keyword Cannibalization Analysis App

This app shows you which keywords are being cannibalized on which pages. It highlights opportunities to fix or reduce keyword cannibalization, an ongoing SEO challenge. It integrates directly with Google
GPT for sheets

FREE GPT 4 Sheets Alternative

The popular Google Sheets Extension, GPT 4 Sheets, recently changed its business model. You used to be able to use it for free just by plugging in your API key.
Run Python Script

How To Create, Test, And Troubleshoot A Python Script With ChatGPT

Here’s a quick beginner’s guide for those who want to start using ChatGPT to create working Python scripts.   Why This Guide? If you’re new to Python and unsure where
Deployed App

How To Make A Mini Web App To Automate SEO Tasks

Last week I shared an internal linking Python script that uses a list of target pages and keywords to find relevant linking opportunities. It got a great reaction from the
Enhancements GSC

Create Schema Markup With GPT4 + Web Browsing

SEOs frequently mention how you need to add schema markup to your website. But it’s a lot easier said than done. Schema markup is finnicky and often requires custom coding,