This app generates unique optimized title tags and meta description variations for a keyword

Created by Steve Toth, I turned his ChatGPT guide into an app!

It does the same things outlined in Steve’s guide. With this version, you only have to enter a keyword and hit run.


Try it here: Steve Toth’s Ultimate Title Tag Generator


How it works:

  1. Scrapes the top 50 search results for the keyword (country and language is customizable)
  2. Uses a Python module to accurately count the word frequency from all the scraped title tags and meta descriptions (Thanks 2 Mo)
  3. Uses Steve’s Ultimate Title Tag prompt shared with SEO Notebook subscribers
  4. Outputs 10 title tags, and 10 unique angle title tags, that use the most common words found from the word count
  5. Same for the meta descriptions


Credit: Steve Toth’s “Generating The Ultimate Title Tag” note from SEO Notebook.


Example output:

Similar to Steve’s original guide, this app generated some great ideas.

It used brand names that it found. I might add a little extra note to the prompt to exclude that. However, you could easily swap brand mentions out with your own brand.


Example titles:

  1. Toronto Plumbers | Plumbing Services | 24/7 Emergency
  2. Licensed & Experienced Plumber—Toronto, Ontario
  3. Mister Plumber: Plumbers Toronto | Emergency Plumbing


Example unique titles

  1. Fast & Reliable Plumbing Services in Toronto | Call Now!
  2. Toronto’s Top-Rated Plumbers | Quality Workmanship Guaranteed
  3. Affordable Plumbing Solutions in Toronto | Book Your Service Today


The unique titles are definitely catchier.


If you look at the word count table in the output, you’ll see that it uses all the most commonly used keywords found in the top-ranking search results.

For example, emergency was used in 11/50 title tags. The app generated 2 regular and 2 unique Titles that used the word Emergency.


(I also added the SERP scrape data to the output in case people want to reference it.)



I’ve been messing around with built-in calls to action in app outputs. I added an HTML output and embedded Steve’s opt-in form right into the app. Pretty cool!

Useful for making lead magnets.


Why Title Tags and Meta Descriptions Matter

Title Tags impact rankings and CTR. Meta descriptions impact CTR.

While meta descriptions don’t impact rankings, they can increase people’s likelihood of clicking. Words and phrases in meta descriptions that have high relevance to a search query get bolded in search results.

This indicates to users that a page is highly relevant to their query because it has content that matches what they are looking for.

While meta descriptions don’t directly impact rankings, getting more clicks to your page can help increase rankings. This was recently confirmed in Google’s recent API leak.


Why unique angles are important to title tags and meta descriptions

Steve dialed into something essential: unique titles and meta descriptions that stand out.

It’s important to check the boxes and get the right keyword usage, but having interesting and unique title tags and meta descriptions can also increase CTR.

If you don’t take this extra step of making your title tag and meta description interesting and unique, you’ll blend into the background of the SERPs.


Also useful for Google Ads

You can test all your Title Tag and Meta Description variations on your Google Search Ads and see how they perform.

Google Ads always wants more headlines and descriptions to improve optimization scores. This is the perfect app to generate ideas and test performance.


Change the country or language

If you clone and edit this app to your Moonlit account, you can make the following changes:

  • Change the country to scrape search results from
  • Change the language to output title tags and meta descriptions (add “output in French” or similar at the bottom of the prompt)
  • Scrape more or less search results (currently set to 25)
  • Make additional customizations to work better for your project


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