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I help busy founders and marketing teams of 7 and 8 figure companies scale revenue from organic search traffic.

How I help your team Achieve 2-3x Revenue from SEO

AI SEO Consultant

I do three things:

  1. Identify high ROI page optimizations
  2. Plan SEO content and create content briefs
  3. Leverage custom AI SEO tools

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How My SEO Consulting Services Work

1. Identifying High ROI Page Optimizations

I find the parts of your website that can drive the most impact.

Then I figure out how they can be optimized for increased rankings and traffic.

This ensures that everything you’ve already built is getting the highest ROI possible.

2. Planning SEO Content and creating content briefs

I find the best topics and keywords that new content can focus on.

Then I create in-depth content briefs that provide everything needed to rank.

You’ll have clarity and prioritization for all content creation efforts.

3. Leveraging Custom AI Solutions

Every SEO campaign has processes that can be automated or significantly enhanced with AI.

We’ll leverage my existing toolkit and create custom AI tools tailored to your brand.

AI helps us get significantly more done and frees up resources for higher-value tasks.

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