About Jonathan

I’ve been helping people increase their traffic and rankings with SEO for the past 9 years.

I got started in 2012 when I was making websites as a freelancer. My clients would ask me how to get more leads so I started helping them with SEO and digital marketing.

This lead to an exciting marketing career where I worked as a marketing manager at two car dealerships and later worked as a digital marketing specialist at three marketing agencies.

Now, I’m working as a Senior SEO specialist at a Canadian tech company.

I’ve also completed many freelance projects over the years. In total throughout my various roles, I’ve helped more than 100 different companies with their online marketing and built over 20 websites.

I’ve worked with a lot of different people. From professionals to startups, small business owners, multi-location businesses, national companies, international enterprises, e-commerce, SAAS, education, charities, and a whole bunch more. Working with such a wide range of clients has given me a great perspective on what is currently getting results in today’s digital marketing landscape.

I like to learn everything I can about SEO. I share the best of what I’ve learned right here on my blog. Check out my latest posts if you want to learn some awesome SEO strategies for growing your business.

Jonathan Boshoff, SEO Specialist