I Help Increase Revenue From Organic Search

Jonathan Boshoff: AI SEO Consultant

I’m an SEO consultant with over a decade of experience who helps marketing teams of 7 and 8 figure companies.

I’ve worked on hundreds of projects and achieved thousands of top-ranking keywords.

I consistently get 2-3x increases in organic traffic, which equates to dramatic revenue increases. I’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies and internationally recognized global brands.

Check out my consulting page for more details on who I work with and how I help.


My obsession with AI

I went from dabbling with ChatGPT, to building SEO apps. Quickly growing a following and community of AI enthusiasts.

AI is rapidly evolving, and I’m barely scratching the surface of what’s possible.

I continue to innovate and find new ways that AI can benefit SEO, and I share my latest inventions here on my blog.


The AI SEO Academy

I’m building an online AI SEO course dedicated to helping others leverage AI to grow their organic search traffic. We’re an international group of SEOs, marketers, and developers who like to build things. Join us!


Outside of SEO

I’m a husband and father of two wonderful children. I make pancakes on Sundays and I love a good dad joke.

I’m based out of Edmonton, Alberta up in Canada.

Fun fact: I’ve lived in five different countries! (South Africa, Australia, Fiji, USA, and Canada.)

Full Bio

Jonathan Boshoff is an SEO consultant renowned for his expertise in artificial intelligence and search engine optimization. With over a decade of experience, Jonathan is a leading expert in AI-driven SEO. He founded the AI SEO Academy, offering comprehensive online courses that meld SEO knowledge with cutting-edge AI applications, preparing students for the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Jonathan collaborates with industry-leading clients to leverage AI in SEO strategies. He has a track record guiding marketing teams, developers, and executives in developing and implementing AI-enabled SEO tactics.

Jonathan develops AI-powered applications, tools, and Python scripts that optimize and automate SEO tasks, driven by his analytical approach to uncovering trends and patterns with data analysis.

Beginning his career in 2012 as an SEO consultant and website developer, Jonathan has accrued a wealth of experience, working as an SEO specialist in digital marketing agencies and in-house marketing roles. He has executed hundreds of SEO projects, achieving thousands of top 3 rankings, and built a diverse client portfolio that includes Fortune 500s, startups, e-commerce, finance, technology, law, and healthcare.