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Website Architecture
A site called agressively published AI content and then tanked the site.

AI Brand & Audience Planner For SEO Content

This tool will help ensure the content you create for SEO purposes aligns with your brand and is relevant to your audience. It also shows how reputable your brand is
Free Website Cluster Visualizer for SEO

Website Keyword Cluster Visualizer For SEO

I have always wanted an easy way to visualize the clustering of a website. It’s difficult to communicate the structure of SEO focused clustering to teams, stakeholders, and clients because
Gloomap example

How to plan an improved website header and footer navigation

The header and footer of a website are the most crucial aspects of website navigation. Users need a straightforward way to explore your site and find what they are looking
Website Architecture structural linking

Use Structural Internal Linking To Boost User Experience & Rankings

Structural internal links are found within recurring components of the content templates of a website. Think blog post loops, sidebars, and breadcrumbs. These elements can improve internal linking throughout a