I have always wanted an easy way to visualize the clustering of a website.

It’s difficult to communicate the structure of SEO focused clustering to teams, stakeholders, and clients because these mappings are often presented as spreadsheets.

This free cluster visualizer that I built fixes the problem!

It allows you to upload a spreadsheet of your keyword research or cluster mapping and get a nice visualization in seconds.


About the cluster visuals:

  • Parent clusters = big bubbles
  • Subclusters = smaller bubbles
  • Nodes = pages
  • Bubbles are sized based on search volume
  • Hover over each bubble to get total search volume
  • Hover over a page node to get URL and search volume
  • Click on bubbles to open/hide their child bubbles/nodes
  • Use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out
  • Click and drag to move around
  • If a page is new, it glows green!
  • Reload the page to reset the bubbles

Screaming Frog’s visualization tool is pretty good but it only works for existing pages and requires a lot of customization to import a visualization of non-existing pages.

This free cluster visualizer is easy to set up and use.


How to create a cluster visualization

You will need to create a spreadsheet with this exact format for it to work.

Download the format template here

cluster vis import format


Once you format your data into a nicely nested clustering like the sheet above, you simply download it as a csv.


Upload your CSV by selecting “Choose File” and then click “Upload”.

upload csv cluster vis


Then you should see a nice visualization like this!

Free Website SEO Cluster Visualizer Tool


How to use the cluster visualization

This website bubble chart is a force directed tree diagram made with AmCharts. It brings keyword/clustering spreadsheets to life in a fun and interactive way.

Use your visualized representation of website structure to:

  • Impress your boss by making it easy to see and understand what you want to do
  • Present your cluster mapping to clients in a visual way and get your project approved faster
  • Improve your clustering setup by visually refining and troubleshooting your structure


Download example demo data

Want to try it out on a demo site? Download this sheet as a CSV and upload it to the visualizer.


Try it out

That’s all! Connect with me on LinkedIn or Contact me any time and share your thoughts.


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