This app helps you find first-hand experiences of people who have actually tried or done the things.

It uses Google Search operators to scour the web for 10 awesome first-hand experiences for your topic.

This app helps content publishers quickly find qualified sources to add real first-hand experience and expertise to their content.


Try it here: First Hand Experience Finder


How the first-hand experience finder app works:

  1. Enter what you are looking for. It doesn’t have to be perfect. The app will use AI to create advanced Google Search operators to help you find the best results.
  2. The app uses a built-in Google Search tool to pull the top 50 search results for what you’re looking for
  3. A chat model curates the search results into a top-10 list

Note: this app can take 2-5 minutes to complete a run. It’s doing a lot of work behind the scenes. Let it cook!


Example: here’s a curated list of first-hand accounts from people who tried the new Starbucks Oleato

Real account of people who tried the new Starbucks Oleato


The importance of first-hand experiences in your content:

Real human experience and expertise are important in today’s content marketing efforts because AI provides good general answers on most topics.

But AI lacks the human touch. It can give you a great definition of a thing, and some general tips. But it can’t speak from a place of true experience or expertise like a human can.


People want real content about real stuff

Real experience and expertise are what people find valuable. Stuff you can’t fake. Not more AI-generated crap covered in ads.

If you’re making an important decision and turn to the web to find content that can provide insights, you will want opinions from real people who know what they are talking about.


EEAT = increasingly important

Google aims to reward pages with high levels of experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

Also known as E-E-A-T, Google recently added the extra E, for experience! Emphasizing the importance of providing real first-hand experience in your web pages.

Google is improving every day at detecting real first-hand experiences and rewarding this content with higher rankings and more traffic.


EEAT content ranks and will continue to rank

You’ll notice many top-ranking web pages now have undeniable first-hand experience and real expertise from real people.

Today there is still plenty of AI-generated fluff ranking, but Google is actively optimizing search algorithms away from that.

If you want the content you worked so hard on to have a decent shelf life, you should prioritize EEAT too.


The problem with first-hand experience and expertise in content production

The most difficult challenge with EEAT is that most people who produce content have not tried the product, service, thing, or place they are writing about.

For example, if you’re writing a piece on the 10 best lawnmowers of 2024, you would need to personally try 10 brand-new lawnmowers to see how they do and compare them.

Unless you work at a lawnmower dealership (do those exist?) – there’s a high chance that no one has done that.


The power of curation

However, plenty of people have tried one of the lawnmowers on that list, and written in-depth reviews detailing their experiences.

Google never said it had to be YOUR first-hand experience. Enter the curator.

Smart content creators are expert curators. Instead of trying every lawnmower first-hand, they find people who tried the one lawnmower and create an expert roundup.


Curating isn’t easy

Curating is a time-consuming task. You need to find great sources. And that can take a lot of research, reading, clicking, and browsing.

That’s where this app comes in handy. It helps you find a shortlist of first-hand experiences where people can lend their expertise and insights for you to curate.

You can also reach out to these people and ask them to contribute to your content since you already know they did the thing!


Customize and clone the first-hand experience finder

This app is highly customizable. You can change the country and language it searches, modify the prompts, or even add more steps to the process.

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