This app creates an SEO content outline based on three top-ranking pages.

It provides recommended headings, keywords, topics, and much more.


Give it a try here:๐Ÿ‘‰ SEO Competitor Content Brief Generator ๐Ÿ‘ˆ

AI Powered Content Brief generator

Update: Having trouble scraping certain pages? Try the text input version of the content brief generator.


What the app does:

  1. Scrapes 3 pages
  2. Assesses them against the target keyword
  3. Provide over 20 ideas based on findings from the 3 pages.

This content brief generator aims to provide actionable recommendations based on the ideas found on the existing pages.

This ensures that recommendations aren’t coming from a general best practice. Instead, they are based on the best pages currently ranking for the topic.

Not to mention it provides ideas across 20 different factors that can help improve your page.


Ideas the app provides

This app provides a helpful content brief that you can use to make content that competes with the pages you scanned.

Here’s everything the app provides recommendations on:


1. Page title options

Page Title ideas

Provides three ideas for page titles based on what the scanned pages are using.


2. Word count range

Word count range

Gives a generic range for word count based on the competing pages. Example: 1,500-2,500 words


3. Search intent

Search intent

This app accurately guesses the search intent (Informational, navigational, transactional) and funnel stage (TOFU, MOFU, BOFU)ย  based on the competing pages provided.


4. Page goal

Page goal

You’ll get a high-level goal to help your writer understand why this content is being made in the first place.


5. Target persona

Target Persona

Based on the pages scanned, the app will identify who the likely target persona is.


6. Page format

Page format options

The app will tell you what the format of the page should be. For example, a how-to guide, a list post, or a review article.


7. Meta description idea

Meta description Idea

It will provide you with an optimized meta description based on the descriptions of the compared pages.


8. URL


It provides a simple URL that will be easy for users and search engines to understand. Based on the similarity to the scanned pages.


9. H1 ideas

H1 ideas

You’ll get 3 ideas for H1s that are similar to the page title. Based on keywords found on competing pages.


10. Heading ideas

Heading ideas and structure

You’ll get the heading outline and structure for your post based on what the competing pages are using.


11. Keyword ideas

Keyword ideas

You’ll get ideas for keywords the competing pages are using. Be sure to double-check the search volume of these keywords.


12. Entity ideas

Entity ideas

If the competing pages are using well-known entities, the app should pick them up and provide ideas.


13. Semantic search ideas

semantic search ideas

The app will provide a couple of easy semantically related searches you should aim to optimize your page for.


14. List, table, and data idea

list, table, data ideas

You’ll get recommendations on lists or tables to add to your page, and what they should be about. Based on what your competing pages used.


15. Additional topic ideas

Additional topic ideas

The app provides related ideas you could incorporate to go a bit further than the competing pages and create a more comprehensive article.


16. EEAT ideas

EEAT ideas

You’ll get some ideas for ways to add first-hand experience, expertise, skill, authoritativeness or trustworthiness to your page based on what competing pages used.


17. FAQ ideas

FAQ ideas

The app checks the competing pages and formulates ideas for frequently asked questions on the topic. Be sure to cross-reference these with Google’s People Also Ask results for the search term.


18. CTA ideas

CTA ideas

The app provides ideas for calls to action that would be fitting for the next step after completing the page.


19. External link ideas

External link ideas

You’ll get ideas for what kind of resources your article should link to in order to enhance credibility and provide additional value.


20. Media ideas

media ideas

The app will also include ideas for images, videos, charts, or other graphics that could enhance the experience of the page.


Bonus: Competitor summary

Competitor Summary

Finally, the app closes out with a summary of each of the scanned pages’ greatest opportunities for improvement. This shows you where and how your page can outshine the others.


How to use the app:

  1. ย Enter 3 URLS and a search term
  2. Get content brief.
  3. Re-run if you don’t like the output or get errors.
  4. Hit that copy button on the bottom right of the output and paste it into a document

Enjoy fast and comprehensive competitor content briefs!


Why do any of those 20 things matter?

I’ve been creating pages for the web for over a decade. In a previous role, I was in charge of creating content briefs that would go on to double non-branded traffic and create seven-figure revenues.

I learned that a good content brief can make all the difference. Based on my experience, each of these factors can help you improve your page’s rankings and traffic.

While the exact template I used for that big project is the secret sauce, this tool aims to provide a more extensive brief. Covering over 20 key elements to consider.


Learn how to build and use apps like this

This app only took a few hours to create. It’s scalable. I could create a spreadsheet of search terms and competing pages to create briefs at scale.

I could change the ideas it provides. Or adjust the prompts to provide slightly different outputs.

You could be building and leveraging powerful mini SEO apps like this too. Join my AI SEO academy to get started.

You’ll learn how to leverage apps like this, and how to build them on your own without even touching any code.


Here is the link to try the app out again incase you missed it:
Give it a try here:๐Ÿ‘‰ SEO Competitor Content Brief Generator ๐Ÿ‘ˆ


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