This app uses Google’s Gemini Pro chat model to create EEAT-rich content, which is great for SEO.

I still recommend editing and revising AI-generated content before publishing, but a tool like this can do a lot of the leg work.

Try it here: Gemini Pro EEAT writer App

How the Gemini Pro EEAT Writer works:

  1. Feed it your current page text (either a first draft or a content brief)
  2. Provide SEO recommendations from three top-ranking pages (from an EEAT analysis app)
  3. Give it the text of the three pages three top-ranking pages for reference
  4. Run it and get awesome SEO content generated by Gemini Pro


Why Gemini Pro?

I’ve been experimenting with other models like Claude 3 and Llama-2 vs GPT-4.

I find that lately, GPT-4 is being stingy with text output.

Likely due to resource strain. They have a huge demand to produce outputs for all OpenAI and ChatGPT users around the world.

Which means their computational resources are likely strained. I remember when GPT-4 first came out, it could write entire in-depth chapters of books with simple prompts.

Now you’re lucky to get a bullet list with a few sentences.

Other models are less strained and have much more to give. In terms of generating content for SEO purposes, models with generous output are providing more value.

SEOs also like to talk about how Google has a bias for its own products, like YouTube vs other streaming platforms. My paranoia suggests Gemini Pro content may perform better than ChatGPT on search.


1. Feed it your current page text (either a first draft or a content brief)

I copy-pasted my first draft of content

This app is designed to work with some already-existing text. It uses this text as a starting point for the next steps.

You should have a content brief, a first draft of content, or text from an existing page that you want to update. This app can easily handle all three options!

If you don’t have a brief or first-draft ready, don’t sweat. AI can do this in a few minutes too.

Note: I recommend using a first draft instead of a content brief. It provides better outputs.


2. Provide SEO recommendations from three top-ranking pages (from an EEAT analysis app)

I paste in the recommendations from an EEAT analysis

This app uses EEAT recommendations to improve the content.

The insights from the EEAT analysis give the Gemini Pro writer all the information it needs to make a great page.

If you don’t have a document of EEAT recommendations ready, don’t worry.

Use this in-depth EEAT analysis app to get all the juicy recommendations by comparing your page to three top-ranking competitors.

Note: Keep the competing pages and their texts handy for the next fields as well.


3. Give it the text of the three top-ranking pages for reference

Copy/paste the text of three competing pages

The app needs to be able to reference the actual text of the competitors to understand how to make the EEAT improvements.

The outputs of the EEAT recommendations will say things like “As seen in C2” which means that the recommendation was observed on competitor 2’s text.


4. Run it and get awesome SEO content generated by Gemini Pro

EEAT Output of the app

The final output of the Gemini Pro writer is awesome. I find that it’s better than ChatGPT, which is often very stingy with words.

In my example, I created a guide to the best beaches in Barcelona. It reads well and contains lots of facts.

For example, it mentioned the origins of Barceloneta beach:

Barceloneta Text Example

It also mentions specifics like the length of beaches in meters, amenities, services, what the beaches are known for, and more.

The app does a great job of incorporating EEAT insights.

If you compare this content to a ChatGPT prompt like “Write a listicle on the best beaches in Barcelona”, you’ll see the differences are night and day.

ChatGPT didn’t provide any of these EEAT tidbits. It only provided some bullet points.

And yes I could have provided better prompts and added more steps. But this method is way more straightforward than fighting with ChatGPT.

It provides much better output with insights highlighting experience, expertise, authority, and trust.


Here’s a Google doc with the final output of the Gemini Pro EEAT writer so you can see for yourself what kind of content it can produce.


Always humanize and edit AI Generated Content

This content is not ready to publish yet. It still has some flaws and needs some edits.

It’s important to understand that this is just a time saver. It does a lot of the boring legwork for writers and SMEs.

However, human edits and revisions are crucial for creating great content that people and search engines will find valuable.

Here are some examples of what I’m talking about.


Some high-level edit examples

  • This is a listicle but the headings of each beach are not numbered.
  • The title could be improved to mention the number of beaches like “The 6 Most Stunning Beaches In Barcelona”.
  • It only provided 6 beaches. There were no rules around how many beaches to cover.
  • The facts mentioned about beach lengths may be wrong or out of date.
  • There may be new amenities or services available that are not mentioned.


EEAT is taken from existing pages

It’s hard to claim that your page has sufficient experience or expertise if you only parrot what other pages say.

It’s important to know that this app only knows what you give it. So if the reference texts lack EEAT, yours will too.

For example, My page mentions a local historian, Joan Carles Luqe, from one of the competing pages I used.

When editing this page, I would swap out this historian with a different source of information or expert to make it more unique from the page I referenced.


There’s no information gain here yet

Information gain is crucial for content to rank in today’s search engines. It’s not enough to copy the top-ranking pages. You need to bring something valuable and new to the table not already covered by the hundreds or thousands of other pages competing for these search terms.

Information gain is the art of providing new information that isn’t already well known. Google’s patents even mention calculating information gain scores as a ranking factor.

For more background on information gain and how to leverage it, check out this guide on adding information gain to your content.


No internal or external links yet

This is a given, but the text needs internal links to other pages and should link to sources when making claims.

For example, this beach mentions it has lifeguards available. Whether a beach has lifeguards may be important for some people, especially if they want to bring their kids to the beach.

This would be a great place to link to an official source from this beach about its lifeguard services. By linking here, the reader gets reassurance that lifeguards are available, and they can read the linked page to get information on what kind of hours the beach is open for, and other important details.


Remember: Humanize, edit, fact-check, and make pages uniquely valuable and helpful. AI can do the initial heavy lifting, freeing writers, editors, and subject matter experts to spend their time flexing their knowledge and creative muscles instead of writing “What is XYZ” for the 9,000th time.


5. Customize the Gemini Pro writer or build your own

This app is very customizable. You can tweak the inputs, change the language output, add more steps, etc.

If you want to customize this app or build something similar, join my AI SEO academy.

I’ll show you how this app was made, how to customize it, and how to build and customize over 20 other AI-powered SEO apps.

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