I helped a home renovation company 5x their leads and become one of the highest-ranking companies in their city with SEO.

Before, they were getting around 30-60 leads a month for small projects, which weren’t helping the business grow.

Now, they get 340+ leads a month and are landing $100k+ projects because they have become an authority in their city.



When I started working with them, the company was split into several web properties. A series of micro-sites represented the renovator’s online presence.

This caused a lot of issues:

  • It was hard to manage and keep track of all the web properties
  • The web properties were ranking poorly in search results
  • The websites weren’t converting visitors into leads
  • It was difficult to attribute marketing efforts to lead generation

Here is what their website looked like before:

Reborn Before


The Solution:

I worked on consolidating all of their web properties onto a single domain. Combining everything helped improve their rankings and overall authority of the main site.

combining domains


Then I worked on improving the content on the website. This included re-writing and combining pages and re-optimizing every page. The website was starting to gain traction at this point.

I also worked on link building, and improving citations. I also added several design tweaks to improve conversion rates.

Here’s what the site looks like now:

Reborn after


I worked on ranking the site for highly valuable searches like “home additions”, which are big-ticket projects that the company excels at.

home additions SERP

They recently did a big expansion of content on their entire site. This helped them climb to top-ranking spots, which helped them receive even more traffic and leads.



Today, the website is bringing in a ton more leads. This has helped the company continue to stay busy with renovation projects, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s a snapshot of their monthly lead growth:

Reborn leads

Overall, this was a fantastic project to be part of. The site is still ranking well and continues to grow. Here’s a testimonial from the owner:



tyler testimonial

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