5x More Leads With SEO

Home Renovations SEO

I helped a home renovation company 5x their leads and become one of the highest-ranking companies in their city with SEO.

Before, they were getting around 30-60 leads a month for small projects, which weren’t helping the business grow.

Now, they get 340+ leads a month and are landing $100k+ projects because they have become an authority in their city.



When I started working with them, the company was split into several web properties. A series of micro-sites and micro-brands represented the renovator’s online presence.

This caused a lot of issues:

  • It was hard to manage and keep track of all the web properties
  • The web properties were ranking poorly for searches
  • The websites weren’t converting visitors to leads
  • It was difficult to attribute marketing efforts to lead generation

Here is what their website looked like before:

Reborn Before


The Solution:

I worked on was consolidating all of their web properties onto a single domain. Combining everything helped improve their rankings and overall authority of the main site.

combining domains


Then I worked on improving the content on the website. This included re-writing and combining pages and re-optimizing every page. The website was starting to gain traction at this point.

I also worked on link building, improving citations, and added several design tweaks to improve conversion rates.

Here’s what the site looks like now:

Reborn after


I worked on ranking the site for highly valuable searches like “home additions”, which are big-ticket projects that the company excels at.

home additions SERP

They recently did a big expansion of content on their entire site. This helped them climb to top ranking spots, which helped them receive even more traffic and leads.



Today, the website is bringing in a ton more leads. This has helped the company continue to stay busy with renovation projects, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s a snapshot of their monthly lead growth:

Reborn leads

Overall, this was a fantastic project to be part of. The site is still ranking well and continues to grow. Here’s a testimonial from the owner:



tyler testimonial

From 0 To 200+ Calls A Month With SEO

Automotive SEO

I helped a small automotive company go from a driveway service to a full-sized shop with SEO. Now they get hundreds of calls a month.

Before I worked with them, they had a small website that didn’t show up for searches and they were struggling to grow.

Now, they get so many calls that they are having a hard time keeping up with demand. A great problem to have!



The window tinting company had a single-page website built on Wix. It didn’t rank for anything.

Their online presence was lacking and their business wasn’t growing.

Tint before


The Solution:

I created a new WordPress complete with detailed service pages. I also optimized the site for local searches.

Here’s what the site looks like now:

Tint after


I also built a handful of citations and optimized their Google My Business listing.

After that, the site started to rank in the top 3 locally for its two main services, window tinting, and automotive paint protection film.

Tint rankings
If you're checking out my alt tags, I admire you.



SEO has helped improve their overall traffic and rankings, which has resulted in a lot more calls and bookings.

tint leads

They are now averaging 200+ leads a month between their website and Google My Business Listing. They had zero leads when we got started.

The site is still growing and they are going to continue to get even more calls and bookings. I’m really happy to see our efforts pay off. The owners started as a driveway service and now have a full-sized shop with a fully booked calendar and multiple employees. In the near future, I plan to rebuild the website again to give it a more modern look!



How I Increased An Online Store’s Revenue By 300%

Ecommerce SEO

I recently took a small hobby shop’s online sales from $36k a year to $150k by making a new website and doing some optimizations.

Before I worked with them they only made sales from local word of mouth and referrals. Now their brand is one of the biggest and most well-known stores in their niche in Canada.



They wanted to start selling Canada-wide In order to grow the business.

To do that, they knew they would need a new website.

Their current website was not working properly and had never been optimized for search engines. It was very outdated.

Here’s what their old site looked like:

Old Diecast Site



I created a new website that was optimized for SEO and delivered a better user experience. Here is what the new site looks like:

New Diecast Site

I’ll admit the site isn’t going to win any design awards. However, the majority of customers are 50 and older, so making the site easy to use was more important than design. The new website immediately brought in more sales and received positive feedback from their customers.


I was also able to significantly improve their rankings with SEO. This helped them rank #1 Canada-wide for a number of diecast search terms, bringing thousands of diecast shoppers to the site from all over Canada. Here’s a screenshot of some of the search traffic they are getting:

Diecast traffic


I also helped them rank #1 in their city:

diecast car rankings


The site started to get so much traffic that we had to upgrade the web hosting twice! We generated 12,492 sessions in December 2019 and 15,387 in December 2020!

15k sessions



Investing in a new optimized website allowed the owners to accomplish some big wins:

  • The store now makes six-figure revenues and is still growing
  • They became one of the top diecast hobby stores in North America
  • The owner was able to close their retail location and run the business from home

The store is doing great. However, I feel like we’ve only scratched the surface. There are still many untapped opportunities to explore.



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