This app lets you compare the output of Claude 3 Opus against GPT 4.

You enter one prompt, both models run, and you get an output for each model.

Use it to test all your favorite prompts, and see the differences between Claude 3 Opus and GPT 4.


Try the full-screen version of the app here


How the Claude 3 Vs GPT 4 App works

This app has both chat models loaded in the backend. You enter a prompt, and it sends the prompt to both chat models.

Claude 3 and GPT 4 process the prompt simultaneously, and display the output side-by-side.

Perfect for head-to-head comparisons of both chat models.


The Rise of Claude 3 Opus

Claude 3 Opus, a model developed by Anthropic has recently made headlines by winning the top spot in the LMSYS chatbot arena.

Source: Anthropic

Its output is comparable to GPT 4. Interestingly, it’s an open-source model.

I’ve been testing out side-by-side comparisons of both chat models using this app, and I would agree that Claude 3 Opus is an impressive model.


Notable differences with Claude 3 Opus vs GPT 4

I’ve found that Claude 3 Opus often produces longer and more detailed outputs than GPT 4 with the same prompts.

GPT 4 tends to be a bit shorthanded. Like it’s trying to save effort and not exert itself too much.

Claude 3 Opus provides more generous amounts of text, which I’m happy to see as I mostly use AI for search engine optimization.

SEO tends to be text-focused work. So models that provide more details and longer outputs are preferred.


Build your own model comparison apps

I built this app in 5 minutes using a no-code AI tool builder.

If you’re interested in building apps like this one to compare models head to head, join my AI SEO academy.

I’ll show you how to build this app, and many more like it.

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