Hi, I’m Jonathan 👋

I’m an SEO professional with a decade of experience helping brands grow online.

I currently lead the SEO strategy for one of Canada’s fastest growing FinTech companies.

Previously I worked at three digital marketing agencies, where I helped numerous 7-9 figure companies with SEO and digital marketing.

Check out my blog for some great SEO tips!

Jonathan Boshoff, SEO Specialist

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Using Canva’s Bulk Create Feature For Programmatic SEO

DeepakNess shared a great tip on Twitter for using Canva to bulk-create blog post featured images:   You can use Canva’s Bulk Create feature to create images in bulk for
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#1 ranking factor

Google’s #1 Ranking Factor And How To Leverage It

What’s the #1 ranking factor? It’s not links. It’s not “quality content”. So what is it? It’s relevance to the query. It’s by far the #1 ranking factor. It always
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google business listings

Google Business Listing Optimization Guide

Local businesses that have a well-optimized Google Business listing often dominate local search results compared to their less optimized competitors. Having a well-optimized Google Business listing is an easy way
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How To Set Up GA4 On Your Website In 30 Seconds

Go to analytics.google.com Go to admin and create a new property Set up a web data stream and keep the stream details open. Go to tagmanager.google.com on a new tab
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How to turn one keyword into hundreds of blog topics

How to turn one keyword into hundreds of blog topics

Are you using keyword research tools to come up with ideas for blog posts? This is one of the worst ways to find content topics these days. All those topics
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local search metrics

4 Quick Wins To Improve Local Rankings

Looking for some easy ways to gain a competitive advantage on your Google Business Listing to improve your local rankings? Here are a few that I’ve used for years, they
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