Hi there Katherine, Adriel, Ken, Christian, Mike and whoever else may read this. I am a perfect fit for Topdraw as a digital marketing specialist! I noticed the position when I was googling “Media Buying” and read your article, then checked your careers page. I am not actively seeking a job, I’m just jumping at the opportunity to do something I love at an awesome agency. This “resume” is long winded but I assure you it is categorized from most important details and expands as you go. I want you to know that there is 0 BS in this resume. It is 100% honest and if you can devote the time to read it all I am sure you will be thrilled to meet with me! So buckle up, and enjoy.





There is no argument that Topdraw is one of the top digital agencies in Edmonton, from your serious web presence, 22 years in business, gleaming reviews and success stories I think it’s fair to say that Topdraw is quickly becoming one of the best agencies in Canada.



From what I have gathered it appears that you guys like to work hard but there is clearly a lot of camaraderie going on, I would love to be a part of it. A career at Topdraw is something I can definitely see myself loving.



From your postings there are definitely some great benefits to working at Topdraw, count me in!


Running out of Ramen:

It’s embarrassing to admit but I’m freelancing right now and I’m broke as hell, I’ll expand on that later but I really need to do something stable. I love what I’m doing now but I’m willing to go back to a career as long as I can continue doing what I love.





As far as marketing goes, I haven’t settled into a specialty yet, but I can definitely tell you that my strongest capabilities are in setting up sites for small and medium businesses that primarily focus on SEO from the start. I always plan things with a specific end goal in mind, such as phone calls, or cart checkouts, and I build everything around that one end goal.


Tech skills:

I’m decent with HTML, CSS, WordPress, Analytics, most google related things and SEO. I have been expanding my knowledge ever since 2013. I even have some shiny certifications which I will brag about below.


Sales skills:

Sales skills are the secret ingredient to a good digital marketer. I find myself using my sales skills to truly understand clients needs, often when even they don’t. I find It also helps me focus on better content and designs because I understand what moves the conversation forward.  My background is mostly sales related, I’ve sold cars and even Telus Door to Door.


I’m awesome:

I work my ass off. Sometimes 12-18 hours a day. If you need more of that work ethic in your workplace, I’m here to bring it.  I would like to say that I’m a pretty easy-going person with a decent sense of humor. A bit crazy but overall, I’m tolerable.




What I do:

Currently, I’m working from home and doing websites, SEO and advertising for a few businesses. I know my way around WordPress, the server side of stuff, search console, analytics, ETC.


Looking at your skill level blog, I rank as the following:

SEO: Intermediate – but would love to get to senior level.

SEM: Intermediate – Adwords certified!

Analytics: Intermediate – GAIQ Certified!


Work examples:








Impressionsoft.com (under construction)

Jonathanboshoff.com (not much here but looking for brownie points)


I did everything, every word, even the photoshop work. My wife helped me with the photography and editing on Pho Mocha but everything else I created on my own. I set up the local SEO, onpage and offpage (white hat, of course),  I made social media accounts, GMB listings, and I host all of these sites myself (fun).




Diecast depot $14,000 to $36,000 in online sales: this is my flagship for bragging. They were running a website as old as the internet itself, and half of their e-commerce orders were either canceling or abandoned. With the new site I built for them (which is somehow running over 10,000 products on woocommerce) I managed to not only increase the overall amount of orders but dramatically increased the success rate. In addition to that, traffic shot up entirely from initial SEO efforts. Here is the proof:

Jan 19-Feb18 210,959 page views, 8,925 sessions and insane engagement. Unfortunately, I don’t have the previous analytics from before I started to compare this to. But I do have data on sales (which was the goal for the site).

hire me


Since they started their e-commerce site in 2009 they had achieved an average of $14,285 a year in completed sales. We are now forecasting approximately $36,000 a year in completed sales. I’ll admit the new site is only three months old but traffic and sales have continued to be consistent.

sales data


Currently I am only doing SEO for Kendale truck parts. One month in and have seen a few improvements, nothing major to report yet other than the fact that I have a client! MOZ and Search console are my go-to tools for SEO work, although I currently can’t afford MOZ pro as much as I would love it.


Conflicts of interest:

Kendale currently pays me $500 monthly for SEO, which is nice. I realize having a client base is conflicting for working with you. I want you to know if this is a conflict I would be happy to bring my clients with me to Topdraw. If I am in, I’m all in.




Strathcom Media:

The Dealership agency here in Edmonton. This might have been an awesome career for me but I blew it. I worked directly with clientele, strategizing next month’s SEM and social campaigns providing reports, upselling and also attempting to acquire new accounts. At the time I was under such immense financial stress that I ended up not being able to get things done. I was also pretty standoffish. I could have prevented getting let go, but I had too much pride to talk to my bosses and tell them I was falling apart. Only when they called me in to let me go did I finally admit what I was going through, and while It finally made sense to them they had to give me tough love and show me the door. I am still under this same immense financial stress but I have reached a point where having my financial world fall apart no longer affects me, and I now focus on getting past this.


BDC at Sun Valley Honda:

This was a fun role. I actually created it and pitched it to my GM. I realized I would be more useful as a marketer than a salesperson. I made a website for them saving them $1,000 a month and set up everything end-to-end. I hired two call center reps to book appointments and we achieved an additional 33% increase in sales from our efforts compared to life before the BDC. I left this position in order to move to Edmonton for family reasons.

Car sales:

I have sold cars at three different dealerships, it’s a very challenging career and I urge anyone who claims sales skills to go and sling some cars. I chose the dealership life instead of going back to college because we were in a tough spot financially and providing comes first for me.


D2D Telus Sales:

Originally I did this as a summer job in between college years. I wanted to work in the Industry and I didn’t actually know it was door-to-door sales when they hired me but I did actually do really well. Became full time and usually made the monthly bonuses. They promoted me to sales trainer for the office. Door-to-Door sales is a tough gig! I returned to the job twice while I was in between jobs, it’s always been a fun way to make some cash. Ultimately I gave it up because I didn’t like knocking on doors at 9 PM midwinter in the dark.


In a past life, I was a cook for Original Joes, Boston Pizza, McDonald’s, Subway and Pizza Hut! My very first high school job was pumping gas.





Google Adwords

Google Analytics

Google Sales

Hubspot inbound Marketing (got it on my first try without studying)


IT Medicine Hat College:

I did a year learning the ropes of IT. Web design was one of my classes. I never considered becoming a web designer then, even though I loved it because I was convinced web designers don’t make any money. Due to financial problems, I needed to go back to the workforce and provide for my wife, kids, and mom.


Continuing education:

I originally planned to transfer to NAIT and work towards a bachelor’s degree. Although I am widely self-taught now, I would love to continue my formal and informal education, attend courses and workshops and grow as a professional.



I have a big ego:

Not necessarily a bad thing, it allows me to be headstrong and confident, but sometimes I need a reality check. I would ensure I had a good relationship with management so I could receive guidance and criticism any day without awkwardness.

I have way too much pride:

Again, there are pros and cons but it can be dangerous in the workplace. I had too much pride to tell my previous employer that I was falling apart, I have too much pride to ask for financial help and I might at times have too much pride to admit I need help in the workplace. Which again is why having a good relationship with higher-ups is a massive benefit for me. I love it when someone sits me down and tells me what I’m doing right and wrong.


I can work too much:

Some people consider this a bad thing. More specifically for me, I tend to bury myself in work and forget that socializing and building relationships with the team is also equally important.


I have no social life:

This is sad to admit, but I moved to Edmonton this past July and haven’t made time to make any decent connections since. I’m a very young father of two boys and most of my time is spent either working or being a dad.




I’m not sure if the marketer chooses the specialty or if the specialty chooses you. If I were to narrow down a specialty it would be SEO. I really want to take my SEO game to the next level and work with large scale SEO campaigns and the platforms that manage large SEO projects. SEO is probably the hardest part of digital marketing but also the most beneficial. Some claim SEO will soon be dead but I say as long as there are search engines, marketers will naturally find a way to take advantage of them.



What I find attractive about SEM is the instant gratification factor. Building a campaign and watching the clicks roll in is great. I have worked with clients at Strathcom who are spending well over $4,000 a month in AdWords and facebook ads. And had Strathcom’s $500,000/month AdWords portfolio to learn from. I have a future date booked with Diecast Depot to show the owner the ropes of Adwords and am currently helping Pho Mocha run a few facebook ads.


PHP, Javascript, Jquery, SQL:

I have a functioning knowledge of HTML and CSS. I’m starting on PHP. I would really love to become an expert in the major languages that WordPress (and most of the internet) operates on. I think what makes a digital marketer an expert is in-depth knowledge. I would also use these skills to take on new hobbies like making web-apps. And yes, I would code as a hobby.


Marketing Automation:

I think marketing automation platforms do a great job of connecting all the dots and making a marketers life a lot easier. I have dabbled with mautic, an open source marketing automation platform as well as buffer, hootsuite and many CRMS. There is something alluring about marketing automation and I’m excited to see these platforms grow.


Influencer marketing:

Technology always changes but influencers will always be a staple. Not only do I dream of becoming a well-known influencer myself, I think there is a lot of untapped power in leveraging a business as an influencer, building brand and also connecting with other influential people/companies for mutual benefits.




The most important things you should know about me is that I am a proud father to a four-year-old and a just turned three-year-old. I am happily married, and my wife is a stay at home mom/writer.


My life is providing for my family. I work 12-18 hours a day sometimes just trying to make it work out and I have absolutely no problem bringing that hustle to Topdraw. I understand you have a large pool of university-educated candidates, but I’m the self-taught street fighter compared to them. I’m the underdog of the story. So, hopefully, I will win because you love a good plot. When I’m not working I spend every spare second with my kids and wife.


I have huge goals. I want to have a dream home, the ability and time to travel more of the world and life a healthy lifestyle. I traveled a chunk of the world before I was 20. I was born in South Africa, lived in Australia, Fiji, Boston, Indiana and have been to many exciting places like London and Japan. I have a lot of fun stories to tell.




Salary expectations:

I’ll start at whatever you feel its worth and work my way up from there. You can even put me in whatever position or role you feel best works with my skillset.


I have insane work ethic:

As mentioned earlier, I often work 12-18 hours a day, 7 days a week. I am a workhorse and I want to bring it all to Topdraw. I’m a humble person and I am happy to work with clients and co-workers doing everything from large projects to grunt work.


I’m qualified:

I have real world skills and results, I will be able to hit the ground running instead of studying for certifications!


I have a huge potential to grow:

I have the skills and drive to evolve in my role and become a core component to the team. I would love to expand my skills to senior levels and eventually learn more about project management and take on more responsibility down the road.

I need this opportunity:

I can guarantee you I want this more than other people applying. Words can not describe the financial battles I have been through over the years. I had kids very young and I have been struggling to provide for my family for years and I really need to be able to give them a stable life, a home, and an education. This would solve that problem for me.


I can sell:

I find that leaders often have sales skills regardless of industry or role. No matter what my position was at Topdraw, I would never pass up an opportunity to bring in more business.


I’m not job hunting:

I made this resume specifically for this position. I’m not browsing Kijiji and spamming resumes. If you don’t hire me I will likely continue trying to make freelancing work. So give me a call!



I read somewhere that most resumes are skimmed and dropped after 30 seconds, I hope you have seen enough to make the decision to meet with me. I would greatly appreciate this position and I very much look forward to speaking with you. At the very least I would love to get a portfolio review. Please do not hesitate to call or text me at 587-599-7702 or email me at jontyboshoff@gmail.com

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